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Visual identity

Meet the Google Play brand elements. This section contains guidance for the use of Google Play assets, including logos and icons, as you build effective marketing campaigns.

Primary logos

The Google Play horizontal lockup is preferred for most marketing materials. We recommend you only use the wordmark without the Google Play prism when dealing with busy or colored backgrounds. We generally do not allow external usage of the prism (icon) by itself-the only exception being usage of the prism as the app icon for the Google Play Store, when displaying it in the context of a home screen UI.
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Horizontal lockup-preferred

Vertical lockup-alternative





The ‘Get it on Google Play’ badge can be used to drive downloads on Google Play, while the ‘Pre-register on Google Play’ badge is used to drive pre-registrations ahead of an app launch. If you’re driving customers to download content on Google Play, please use the badges – not the primary logo lockups.

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‘Get it on Google Play’ badge
Download badge
‘Pre-register on Google Play’ badge
Download pre-registration badge

When to use which

Marketing objective

Content type: Apps, Games, Books

Drive awareness


Drive awareness

Drive downloads/


Drive downloads/purchase/subscription