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Power your business with the world’s most popular mobile platform

Android provides a powerful, secure platform, and is at the forefront of mobile innovation, offering exciting possibilities for businesses now and in the future

Android is the only mobile platform that can connect every worker from the boardroom to the factory floor. It provides unique and innovative capabilities that enable employees to use their smartphones for both work and personal tasks, and it offers a range of device solutions for specific and dedicated use cases. All this while ensuring seamless and comprehensive device management and security for IT teams.

The true value of mobility is delivered by what the device can do – providing the apps and functionality that a business needs. As the world’s largest distribution platform, Google Play offers over a million apps including all those required by enterprise.

Migrating from Device Admin to Android Enterprise

With the depreciation of the Device Admin API, we recommend that customers migrate from legacy deployment methods to modern Android management solutions that provide improved consistency and security. Learn how to discuss this migration with your customers using our resources.

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