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Introducing Google Nest Protect

Everything Google Nest Protect does – speaking instead of beeping, giving a gentle Heads-Up so you can catch problems early and alerting your phone – is designed to give customers the information they need when they need it. No more beeping and chirping. It’s time for a better smoke alarm.


Safety shouldn’t be annoying.

Who knew?
It used to take up to 30 minutes for a fire to take over a room. Now, thanks to modern building and furniture materials, it can take as little as five.

Smoke alarms are meant to protect us, but they’re annoying. So many people disable them. And when they do go off, it’s not clear what’s wrong. Is it smoke? CO? And where’s the danger?

Nest Protect looks for both fast-burning fires smoldering fires and carbon monoxide. It tells you what and where the danger is, and can send an alert to your phone. So you can know more and worry less.

Nest Protect on ceiling in bedroom with gray wall, twin beds with pillows and Ugly Doll

Key features

The smart smoke and carbon monoxide detector that thinks, speaks, and alerts your phone.

Get alerts on your phone.
Google Nest Protect sends an alert to your phone when something’s wrong at home.

Every second counts.

The Split-Spectrum Sensor detects both fast and slow burning fires.

Tells you what and where.
Google Nest Protect speaks up if there’s smoke or CO and tells you where it is, so you know what to do.

Sees the CO you can’t.

Carbon monoxide is an invisible, poisonous gas. Google Nest Protect tells you where it’s hiding.

Silence with an app, not a broom.

Hush alarms with your phone. If everything’s under control and there’s only a little smoke, quiet down the alarm from the Nest app

Sleep safe and sound.
With a quick green glow, Google Nest Protect gives you a Nightly Promise that says everything’s working well.

Lights your way.

If you need a glass of milk in the middle of the night, Google Nest Protect can light your way.

10-year life span.

Google Nest Protect’s long-lasting sensors keep you safe and sound for up to a decade.

Product specification sheet




  • Phone alerts include:

- Low-battery

- Smoke & Carbon monoxide

- Sensor failure

  • Split-Spectrum Sensor
  • Spoken Alerts
  • Nest App
  • App Silence
  • Carbon monoxide Detection 
  • Nightly Promise
  • 10-year product lifetime
  • Pathlight
  • Safety Checkup
  • Heads-Up alerts
  • Sound Check
  • Steam Check
  • Wireless Interconnect
  • Safety History
  • What To Do
  • Home Report
  • Emergency clip record with Nest Cam
  • Emergency shut-off with Nest Thermostat
  • Family Accounts


  • Split-Spectrum Sensor
  • 10 year electrochemical carbon monoxide sensor
  • Heat sensor, ± 1.8ºF (± 1ºC)
  • Humidity sensor, ± 3%RH
  • Occupancy sensor, 120º field of view to 20 feet
  • Ambient light sensor 
  • Omnidirectional microphone, 70dBA SNR

Size and weight

Height: 5.3 in (13.5 cm)

Width: 5.3 in (13.5 cm)

Depth: 1.5 in (3.85 cm)


Google Nest Protect Battery 13.9 oz (379 g) 

Google Nest Protect Wired 13.2 oz (375 g)

Speaker loudness

80dB @ 3 feet (1 m) @ 1kHz


85dB SPL @ 10 feet (3 m)

Light ring

RGB color ring with 6 LEDs


Out of the box

  • US: English, Spanish 
  • Canada: English, French


  • English, French, Spanish, Dutch


  • Working Wi-Fi connection: 802.11 b/g/n @ 2.4GHz
  • Wireless interconnect: 802.15.4b/g/n @ 2.4GHz
  • Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)


  • Google Nest Protect Battery Six long-life batteries (Energizer® Ultimate Lithium “L91” AA) 
  • Google Nest Protect Wired Three long-life backup batteries (Energizer® Ultimate Lithium “L91” AA)

Connectivity requirements

  • Wi-Fi connection
  • Phone or tablet with iOS 8 or later, or Android 4 or later
  • Free of charge Nest account


  • The alarm should not be installed in locations where the normal ambient temperature is below 40ºF (4ºC) or exceeds 100ºF (38ºC).
  • Humidity range: 20%RH to 80%RH (non condensing).


2-year limited warranty. For help, visit Our support team is also available by phone 24/7.


Google Nest Protect has been tested to comply with safety standards UL 2034, UL 217 and NFPA-72 set out by UL and California State Fire Marshal.

In the box

Google Nest Protect

  • Batteries
  • Backplate
  • Four screws
  • User’s Guide
  • Welcome Guide

Google Nest Protect Wired also includes:

  • 120V AC connector
  • Three wire nuts

Part numbers

Description/Part # 

  • US Battery White - S3000BWES 
  • US Battery Black - S3000BBES 
  • US Wired White - S3003LWES 
  • US Wired Black - S3003LBES

Single UPC

  • 854448003679
  • 854448003686
  • 854448003730
  • 854448003747

Case Pack UPC

  • 10854448003676
  • 10854448003683
  • 10854448003737
  • 10854448003744