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English - United States

ND4C Guidance

What is ND4C?

A New Deal for Consumers (ND4C) has been introduced, effective May 28, 2022. This new legislation aims to enhance transparency and accountability for providers, traders, and platforms. Through this new legislation the word “free” can no longer be used to describe services that process user data that isn’t required to provide the service or to meet legal requirements. More information about ND4C can be found through the link provided above.

Who is impacted?

The New Deal for Consumers applies if all the following are met:

  • Product is B2C
  • Product is being advertised to an EEA country
  • Use of the word “Free” requires a user to provide data or where the user undertakes to provide data in the context of a contractual relationship/commercial transaction. Note that use of the word free unrelated to the collection of data is still acceptable (E.g. Free shipping, hands-free headset, feel free to contact us etc.)


Pages affected by ND4C on the Partner Marketing Hub include English compliant copy. Some pages may include translations for regions affected by ND4C; these pages may still contain non-compliant copy in that translated copy. Partners are responsible for ensuring that any translated copy that is used for any reason in the affected regions is compliant with ND4C. Google assumes no responsibility for partners who use non-compliant copy in marketing materials provided by or including Google products.