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English - United States

Google Nest Protect

Everything Google Nest Protect does – speaking instead of beeping, giving a gentle Heads-Up so you can catch problems early and alerting your phone – is designed to give customers the information they need when they need it. No more beeping and chirping. It’s time for a better smoke alarm.


Key features

The Google Nest Protect smoke and CO alarm detects both fast and slow burning fires, has a 10-year CO sensor, and can be silenced from a phone. No wonder it’s in demand year-round.

Split-Spectrum Sensor

Uses two wavelengths of light to detect both smoldering and fast-burning fires.

Tells you what and where

It speaks up if there’s smoke or CO and says where the danger is. So people know what to do.

Connects to a phone

Sends an alert to your customer’s phone when something’s wrong at home or the batteries run low.

Self Test and Sound Check

Checks batteries and sensors every 200 seconds. Quietly checks its horn every month.

5-year warranty

When purchased and installed through a Nest Pro.


Tech Spec



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