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Introducing Android One

Android One is a set of phones that meet elevated software requirements set by Google, giving partners and consumers peace of mind that Google is sharing the partner’s product philosophy around security, freshness, and simplicity.

Android is an open platform that allows anyone to contribute. We’re proud that Android has democratized innovation at scale over the last 10 years making mobile technology accessible and useful to billions globally. But our users want more. They’ve told us they care about a durable phone that has the latest technology, their data remaining safe and secure, and an easy-to-use, consistently designed mobile experience.

At Google, we’ve taken these user preferences seriously in our mission to build intuitive and secure products. Phones should improve over time and adapt to you to make your life easier – not the other way around.

Android One is a set of phones that meet elevated software requirements set by Google. These devices deliver on the promise of a simple, fresh, and secure experience with security protections integrated into every layer, ongoing updates, and a simple interface free of duplicate apps.

We continue to expand the line of Android One certified smartphones and geographic availability with our OEM and carrier partners.

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